Nexuiz Australia & New Zealand

Server - Refreshing in PlayingPlayers

No response from Xonotic Australia

No response from Xonotic Australia Votable

No response from Compo Server (XA2)

The Nexuiz Game as it once was is dead. Some players have moved to a fork of the project called Xonotic.

Nexuiz Basics

Be sure to visit us in IRC (

Server list updates every minute.

Nexuiz One Click

Installing Nexuiz One Click Connect allows you to join a nexuiz game from this website.

Currently looking for mac version developer. Contact killquick(at)

Nexuiz One Click Connect Windows

Download Nexuiz One Click for Windows launcher.exe

v0.2 (idea, code and guide by killquick)

  1. Download launcher.exe and place in nexuiz directory (same directory as nexuiz.exe).

  2. Run launcher.exe. You will need Admin privledges for the first time as it modifies the registry. (XP: Right click -> "Run As" or VISTA: Press Shift + Right Click -> "Run As"). You will get a success message if this worked.

  3. If using Firefox: Once you click a server name it will prompt you to select the launcher.exe you just put in your nexuiz directory. Click the checkbox to remember your choice.

  4. Click on a server name from the list on the right of this page. It should launch nexuiz and join the server of choice.

Tested by killquick - WinXP SP3 , Mewshew - Vista 32bit SP1, Dokujisan - Vista 32bit

Nexuiz One Click Connect Linux

Download Nexuiz One Click for Linux nocci_0.24-2.tar.gz

v0.24 (code and guide by aurix)

  1. Make sure you have python and pygtk installed.

  2. Download nocci.

  3. Extract files to the same directory.

  4. Chmod by running "chmod +x ./" while in the same directory.

  5. Run and follow instructions.